Diablo 2 - Character Sprite Sheets

* Bows, Crossbows, and Dual Wielding 1-Handed Weapons only
* 1 Handed Swing/Thrust/Fist and Hand To Hand only


Amazon wearing
Nothing on the head,
Light torso armor,
Light leg armor,
Light right arm armor,
Light left arm armor,
Light right shoulder armor,
Light left shoulder armor,
holding Nothing in the right hand,
Nothing in the left hand,
and a Nothing for a shield,
doing Attack 1 (1 Handed Swing)

Link: http://www.kevinbertel.com/diablo2/?char=AM&type=1HS&anim=A1&hd=LIT&tr=LIT&lg=LIT&ra=LIT&la=LIT&s1=LIT&s2=LIT&rh=0&lh=0&sh=0&submit=Build
Sheet: sheets/AM-1HS-A1-hd_LIT-tr_LIT-lg_LIT-ra_LIT-la_LIT-s1_LIT-s2_LIT-rh_0-lh_0-sh_0-.gif

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